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Vetted VA Professional

As a Vetted VA Professional I realize there is a need for a different type of service in relations to the VA Loan.  A service that provides the support and knowledge on how you can use your VA Benefits.  As a Vetted VA member you and your Real Estate Agent will work directly with myself and trusted members of my team to structure your loan, review contract dates and establish a pathway for communication throughout the process.  

We realize your success not only affects you and your family, but is a reflection of every other service member who wishes to use their VA Benefits to purchase a home.  There is an undesirable impression across America that VA Loans are tainted and should not be given consideration above other conventional loans. My Team and I realize these biases exist and are dedicated to changing them through education, experience and of course the action of putting Veterans in Homes.  Our success will continue to pave the way head for future Military Homeowners.

I am Mike Payne, a dedicated Vetted VA Professional.  New Point Lending, Mortgage Brokerage was started with the intention of serving veterans and making the path to homeownership easier to obtain.  We are a Veteran Owned Mortgage Brokerage and proud to continue serve and assist our Nations Veterans.

Feel free to contact me via phone, text, email or the contact form below to ask questions before we get started.

Let’s Get Started

I will climb mountains with my wife in tow to assist you in creating a smooth home buying experience.


Phone: 352-724-LOAN (5626)

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