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Kaare Sigvartsen


We are dedicated to helping you win. You want to be successful in the mortgage business. But the competition from online and mega lenders can make it difficult. At Windsor, we understand that mortgage is complicated, but we love it. It’s what we do. We’re passionate about helping you be good at mortgage. Whether you’re a community bank, broker or correspondent partner, Windsor provides you with the tools and resources to be successful. From day one, you’re given an inside team of dedicated mortgage experts. The team works with you directly to strengthen relationships with customers. They are an extension of your staff, but without the overhead. At Windsor, we’re real people, who believe in real conversations, real relationships and personalized solutions.

Loan Products

  • Bridge Loans

    • $500k Max

    • <$400k, no appraisal

  • VA

    • 620 Fico

  • FHA

    • 620 Fico

  • Conventional

  • USDA

    • 620 Fico

  • Manufactured Homes

    • FHA and VA Loans Windsor and PCB Overlays:

      - Minimum Credit Score 640

      - Max DTI 50%

      - Accept/Eligible (No Manual Underwrites)

  • Jumbo

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