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Mutual of Omaha


Ranked by Fortune Magazine in 2022 as one of the 100 best Companies, Fortune 300 listing, and a history dating back to 1909, Mutual of Omaha has now entered the Wholesale Mortgage Lending arena. In early March 2022 the firm announced the hiring of Colin Treend (President of Wholesale), began approving brokers in late April, and are now featured in ReadyPrice, LenderPrice, and Loansifter (upon request). Colin indicated; “This is a unique opportunity to leverage a world class brand while providing stable, consistent, service and value in a market that seems to be treating brokers and their customers as raw materials in a manufacturing line.” Mutual has built-in advantages allowing us to provide a consistently strong price, world-class service, and a team of knowledgeable people dedicated to building long-lasting relationships that benefit your business. If you would like to be more than a number, connect above!

Loan Type

  • Conventional

  • USDA

  • FHA

  • VA

  • Reverse Mortgage

  • HECM

Mutual of Omaha
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