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Leslie Camus


At EPM, our management team has over 50 years experience in the mortgage industry. We provide exceptional pricing without compromising follow through and customer service for thousands of clients annually. The Mortgage Bankers Association monitors all members to assure they provide the best mortgage solutions to fit each customer’s unique financial situation. We provide a variety of mortgage products to assist you with finding solutions for all of your mortgage needs. Our company has Certified Underwriters on staff which allows issuing a decision on your application quickly. We maintain a dedicated professional sales and operations staff that insures the closing process is quick and efficient.

Loan Type

  • Conventional

    • 620 FICO

    • NO SCORE Fannie, 90% LTV, 40%DTI

    • NO SCORE Freddie, 95% LTV

    • One Score Follow AUS Findings, No Manufactured

  • FHA

    • 500 FICO

    • Manual UW

    • FHA One Score

  • USDA

    • 580 FICO

    • 29/41 Max Debt Ratios

    • No more than 25% Housing Shock

  • VA

    • 500 FICO

    • >50% DTI (.5 LLPA Hit)

    • Manual UW

  • Down Payment Assistance

    • Borrower Paid

    • 3.5% Forgivable Day 1

  • Jumbo

  • Alt Doc

  • DACA

  • Non-QM

  • DSCR

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