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I am Jerry Holland, a soldier of the United States Army.  I created my company with the intention of serving veterans and making the path to homeownership easier to obtain.  But don't worry, if your not a veteran we still have services to help you.

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My Story


Jerry Holland is an Army Veteran who served 9 years active duty, one year as a reservist and is currently serving in the Utah National Guard.  He served overseas for 8yrs and completed a tour in Ramadi, Iraq from 2006-2007.  During his tour he played an instrumental role in establishing nine Iraqi Police Stations and Outpost throughout Western Ramadi Province.  When he left Ramadi, violence had decreased by 75% and he could see the civilians returning to a normalcy in living.



When buying his first home, Jerry discovered a need for Veteran Advocates in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry.  The whole process was daunting with unnecessary fees & inflated rates.  He went through three Loan Officers and two Real Estate Agents before he found a team, he felt was confident enough to handle a VA Home Loan transaction.   The whole process taught him experience was worth it’s weight in gold and not all lenders or agents are of the same caliber.



It was clear to Jerry that communication, education and integrity were key factors missing in the lending industry.  Change needed to occur. It took Jerry a year of planning and preparing before he was ready to leave his career as an accountant and dedicate his life to helping his fellow veterans and citizens become homeowners.  This is a choice he would gladly make again as over the past few years Jerry has helped multiple families achieve their dream and  reach stability as homeowners.




False understandings, myths and lack of knowledge have made many veterans unaware they are entitled to the best loan program offered in our country. Jerry is dedicated to educating Real Estate Agents, Home Buyers & Sellers during the home loan process. He personally calls the Listing Agent to discuss the advantages & strength of a VA loan and your file. Furthermore, he offers to speak with the Sellers of the home to further explain why a VA loan is better than a conventional.  

Jerry also volunteers to serve as a VettedVA Professional helping moderate the VettedVA Facebook Group.  This group is dedicated to educating our service members and their families on the benefits of the VA Loan.  The membership is strong and growing and like a true military fashion the community supports each other to learn and grow.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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