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New Point Lending

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Fast, Friendly, and Competitive

New Point Lending is committed to fast and friendly service and giving you the most competitive rates. We want to be your local mortgage loan officers that take the time to understand what you need and give you the best product for your new home. We have fast closing time and amazing service. Please give a a call and we will send a free quote.

Our Story

The story of New Point Lending starts with the founder, Jerry Holland, an Army Veteran who returned to the United States in 2008 after nine years of active service overseas. After years of working in foreign lands, Jerry wanted to settle down and live his version of the American dream. He found a real estate agent and loan officer but was quickly discouraged by the lack of knowledge, communication, and integrity in the industry. Jerry went through two different real estate agents and three different loan officers before he found a team that he felt was competent enough to handle the VA loan transaction that he earned. Jerry knew he could do a better job than most Mortgage Loan Originators and still save consumers money, so after a year of planning and preparing, he left his 9-5 as an accountant and dedicated his life to helping Veterans and everyone else become homeowners. Over the years, Jerry has never regretted his decision; he loves helping people get into homes so that they can create their own American dream.

In addition to processing regular loans, New Point Lending is dedicated to helping Veterans get the loan program they deserve. Many Veterans are effectively "cheated" out of the best loan program in America, simply because many Mortgage Loan Originators are not familiar with, not comfortable with, or just don't care enough to process a VA loan. New Point Lending, on the other hand, is very proficient with VA loans, and will happily process a Veteran's loan. Our friendly Mortgage Loan Originators will act as your advocate; they will discuss with listing agents and sellers the advantages of a VA and all non-veteran loans to help you get the home of your dreams. More importantly, the process is quick and painless; our Originator and Processing teams will do all the heavy lifting for you, leaving you free to make one of the most important decisions in your life.

Meet The Team

Mortgage Loans

We do conventional loans for anyone that can qualify.

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VA loans

We specialize in loans for Veterans of the US Military.

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We do home loan refinance loans on your existing home loan.

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If you have any questions about mortgages we are here to help.

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Independent mortgage brokers are an important part of the communities they serve and are uniquely positioned to provide expertise on the homebuying process.

Brokers provide homebuyers with personalized service and offer the most diverse loan options tailored to their specific needs and situations at competitive pricing.

Building sustainable partnerships with companies that are committed to providing the broker channel with the best resources ultimately serves borrowers of all backgrounds, genders and ethnicities.

As a Utah based non-profit we believe in supporting the citizens of the states we love and call home. It is our hope that with enough funding and research, we can not only effect the Veteran, Law Enforcement, and First Responder Communities, but everyone who suffer from stress and could benefit from our VR therapy resources.

Please call us at 352-724-LOAN (5626) or email

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